Reporting inappropriate content

Several of our products, such as Google+, YouTube and Blogger, provide ways for you to create, post and share your own content. With over 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube and 270,000 words written in Blogger every minute, you can imagine why we can’t pre-screen content. This is why we count on our millions of community users to report abuse and inappropriate content. You can find out what types of content aren’t allowed in our Terms of Use and Program Policies for our various products. We’ve created tools that let you notify us if you find content that shouldn’t be on the site. Here’s a quick guide to reporting inappropriate content in some of our most popular products.


You can report several types of inappropriate content on Google+; learn how to report a post or comment, a video or photo, or an inappropriate profile to us for review.


If you find a video on YouTube that you think violates our Community Guidelines, you can flag it as inappropriate and it will be submitted to our team for review. Remember that you can screen content which meets our Community Guidelines but which you’d rather not see by using YouTube Safety Mode.


When reading blogs hosted by Blogger, users can flag any material they feel violates Blogger’s policies.