Google Lübeck

Germans have a reputation for great engineering—and knowing how to have a good time. At Google Lübeck, we’re doing our best to uphold both traditions. Lübeck’s old town is a UNESCO world heritage protected landmark.


Our teams developed Snapseed for Android and iOS, and photo filters for Google+.

Our engineers also created the NIK Collection and contributed to the Google+ photo-retouching feature Auto Awesome.


Number of Lübeck Googlers: Fewer than the number of beer breweries in Germany

Some of our conference rooms are named: Passat, Holstentor, Sieben Türme

Distance to Hamburg: 68 kilometers


Google Lübeck
Maria-Goeppert-Straße 3
23562 Lübeck

Inside Google Lübeck

“German engineering” is shorthand for precision and performance—and for good reason. From cameras and coffee machines to audio equipment and automobiles, Germany has a long history for making some of the finest products in the world. This tradition continues at Google Lübeck, where our engineers work on our photo products like Snapseed and the NIK Collection, and collaborated with Android and Google+ teams around the world.

While Googlers in Lübeck hail from around the world, we work together as one team in a friendly and highly-collaborative environment. Our engineering teams also get pretty competitive about their table football rivalry. We like to think of our office as a start-up—but at Google scale—which means we work on products that are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.